Thursday, December 05, 2013

Drawing I did for a friend.

Did this Caricature for a friend. I'm on the road this week. Came into South Dakota from Montana... winter weather has been crazy. Minus 20 tonight in Rapid City. I'm questioning our decision to not take the southern route up. Getting my Canadian sap a rising though. Home in 3 days. Cheers, KP.


Dustin C said...

nice drawing. The simplicity is cool and works although I would not have known this was your sketch just looking at it. Is this a new style you are trying out?

KP said...

Hey Dustin... not much of a new style... more of a lack of skill when it comes to pure cartooning. Playing with digital painting using glazing techniques that I used when I started painting with acrylics. Just trying to have fun. Cheers, KP