Friday, December 06, 2013

Abbey Road

Mark drawing during a take.
Bob the fish... our amazing editor.
Andy... our music editor. One of my favorite humans on this planet. Such a pleasure to work with him!
Up in the catwalk in between takes... I couldn't draw while they played lest my scratching ruin the take.
James leading the band. Wish the page on the right was on the left... but oh well... tis what it is.
A lonely drummer... Here's the rest of the sketches from this summer's Abbey Road trip. Not as much manipulation here... pretty much scanned, sized, and saved. For a few days this past July, we got the once in a lifetime opportunity to sit in a booth with Mark Mothersbaugh and watch 80 plus musicians make a movie, that we've been staring at for three years, sound amazing. As an artist (believe me... as a story guy, I use the word "artist" loosely... Sadly, I'm pretty much a hack sellout... but I can still appreciate real art)... it is such a thrill watching amazingly talented people to do their jobs well. I felt so inspired that I sat and sketched as much as I could in between takes. Thanks to Mark, James, and the amazing Andy for making the experience so rewarding. On a side note... I'm sitting in a hotel in southern Minnesota tonight as I publish this and it's approaching minus 20 again. Why the f@#k did we EVER leave California. I hope the Canadian blood kicks in soon... because I'm fricken' cold eh! Guess I need more donuts and coffee in me to make the biology click in. Cheers all! KP

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Andreas Schuster said...

Every donut makes the temperature go up by 5 degrees!

all the best from ontario (where people are running around nude thanks to only minus 3)